The Foundation is deeply committed to promoting developments in veterinary medicine through considerable investment in clinical research. Contributions are given to AniCura’s research fund, but in 2015 a substantial sum was made available for a new initiative by the Foundation, namely the launch of its own research fund. These funds are for clinical research closely linked to patients, carried out in a collaboration between vets at AniCura Djursjukhuset Albano, AniCura Regiondjursjukhuset Bagarmossen or AniCura Gärdets djurklinik and senior researchers at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU).

The condition that researchers should be involved in leading the projects was an important point for the Foundation in terms of ensuring the quality of the research. The Foundation is also keen for the research to lead to the concrete resolution of urgent issues within practical clinical work, with a direct improvement seen in veterinary care. For this reason, a joint workshop was held ahead of the call for funds at which vets from the relevant veterinary hospitals and researchers from SLU collectively discussed and identified urgent areas and possible points for collaboration. The intention is that both the workshop and the release of research funding will be annual events.

The Foundation considers its involvement in research to be a long-term commitment.