Laboratory at AniCura veterinary hospital Regiondjursjukhuset Bagarmossen

In 2013, one of Sweden’s largest veterinary hospital laboratories in terms of equipment, skills, analytical services and accessibility was built at AniCura regional veterinary hospital Regiondjursjukhuset Bagarmossen. This expansion was achieved thanks to a significant investment made by the Foundation.

Each year, nearly 220,000 samples, principally within the areas of haematology, chemistry, cytology and bacteriology are analysed here. Existing equipment was upgraded and supplemented by, for instance, instruments for hormone analysis, which means that progesterone samples, for example, can now be analysed on site, with results and answers to the pet owner on the same day the sample was taken.

The laboratory, staffed by six biomedical analysts and one veterinarian who is a European specialist (known as a Diplomate) within clinical pathology, also receives samples from referring veterinarians from the whole of Sweden.